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                         5/5 Stars
by : 5/8/2012
Can't Fault the product, but would be helpfull if details of expected delivery date wre provided.
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                         5/5 Stars
by : 8/21/2012
Fitted this to my zn 1100 ltd and solved an age old air intake problem which made the bike run awful.
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Aftermarket Kawasaki Zx750 G2 Spare Parts

Conventional, Gel, Lithium, Sealed, , Maintenance Free, Acid
Pads, Shoes, Discs
Capless, Festoon. Halogen, Xeon
Ajuster, Brake, Choke, Cluth, Speedo, Tacho, Throttle
Chain, Seal, Valve
Boost, Float, Jet, Needle, Reed, Block
Sprocket, Chain
Drum, Kit, Plate, Spring, Variator
Gasket, Piston, Ring
Switch, CDI, Coil, Rectifier, Relay, Resistor
Bung, Fixing, Gasket, Rubber
Cush Drive, Seal. Tube
Bar Weight, Lever, Grip, Bar, Riser
Front, Indicator, Number Plate, Rear, Spot Light
Iginition, Set
Standard, Iridium
Gear, Lever, Relay, Motor, Switch